Kerry Candles

The Kerry Oil Candle Co came into being as a result of the Lux Donum church supply business. Through our contact with the clergy, many Priests asked us whether we could come up with a non electronic solution to the messy problems involved with the use of wax Mass candles. The request was given considerable thought and various ideas were tried. By 1981 the Kerry Oil Candle appeared in its present form, and permission for its use as a Mass candle was sought from the Clergy and the Bishops Committee on the Liturgy. Their general consensus was that the basis of the Kerry Oil Candle is an oil lamp the use of which follows traditions going back to pre wax candle times, and that churches have been burning oil sanctuary lamps through to the present day.

Kerry Oil Candles can be found in churches in every city in Australia. Many of our satisfied customers have been using the system for over twenty years, and reaping the benefits on costs savings over the price of wax candles while avoiding wax damage to altar linen and carpets. The wicks in the disposable oil canisters can be adjusted, eliminating the soot damage to ceilings that is frequently encountered with wax candles. The Kerry Oil Candle system is ideal for air conditioned or draughty situations.

Kerry Oil Candles are produced in a wide range of sizes. Nylon shells are supplied in 5cm, 6.5cm and 8cm external diameters. A refillable candle with a 2.5cm outer diameter is also available. The standard candle shell heights commence at 17.5cm and range up to 26 cm. The tallest candle shell supplied is a Paschal candle 49.5cm in length available in the two larger canister sizes. Paschal candles are supplied with kyro, a set of year numerals and can be pre-drilled to fit incense nails (if requested). Nylon candle shells can also be machined to fit your candle holder.