Price List

Candle Shells
Outer Diameter of Shell 8cm - These take 6.5cm cans
Length Overall Price per shell
17.5cm $62.50
21cm $75.00
26cm $95.00
49cm Paschal, incl incense nails and cross transfer. $250.00
Outer Diameter of Shell 6.5cm - These take 5.3cm cans
Length Overall
21cm $57.50
24.5cm $75.00
49cm Paschal, incl incense nails and cross transfer $225.00
Outer Diameter of Shell 5cm - These take 3.5cm cans
Length Overall
20cm (Plain) $52.50
20cm with large brass follower/cover at top $100.00
20cm Advent candle set of four (one pink and 3 purple, with large brass follower at top) $450.00
25cm $65.00
49cm $140.00
Outer Diameter of Shell 2.5cm  
Length Overall  
32cm refillable hollow candle with brass cap/wick holder and large round brass base. $115.00

Oil Canister Refills
(measurements across base of can)

Single box price Prices where 2 or more boxes ordered at once
6.5cm Box of 48 $700.00 $625.00
5.3cm Box of 40 $585.00 $525.00
3.5cm Box of 72 $475.00 $425.00

Lux Donum Electronic Candle Stands
Stock sizes 22, 34 and 50 lights, other sizes can be made to special order. Prices on application.

All prices include GST, all measurements shown are approximate

* Prices effective from 5th October 2015. Subject to change without notice. Machining charges for candle shells to fit into user’s existing candle holders are additional.