Lux Donum Candle Stands

The original business had its beginnings in Dublin in the 1970s. Its original goal was to solve some of the problems associated with the burning of the messy wax votive candles used in most Churches. The first models produced were electric 240 volt brass candelabra; but it soon became apparent that a 240 volt system had shortcomings as the contents of flower vases were continually being spilt on them. As can be appreciated, a 240 volt power supply and water make bad companions.

The Candle Stands were therefore totally redesigned as low voltage 12 volt electronic systems and the substantial reduction in voltage and the use of different electronic components made them totally safe and reliable. From this time onwards many churches throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom converted to electronic candles. In the 1980s a Court judgment awarding huge damages to a young girl who had been burnt by wax candles gave the business a huge boost, with enquiries coming from across Europe. Today Lux Donum products are used throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.